Information about the Flute

The flute, a woodwind instrument, is still very popular despite being around for hundreds of centuries. The flute is the most high-pitched instrument in most bands, especially beginners ones as the piccolo isn’t always used. It is also made from metal. The flute, unlike other members of the woodwind family, such as the clarinet and saxophones, does […]

The Flute’s High Pitched Beauty

The flute is a member the woodwind family. It is played by blowing air through the instrument’s mouth instead of using a piece of reed. This makes it quite distinct from other woodwind instruments. The flute is a well-known instrument that has existed for thousands of years. It predates many instruments we are familiar with […]

Tips for Flute Care

A flute that is clean and well-maintained is essential for perfect flute music. If your instrument isn’t in good shape, you can have problems with changing notes, rust, and keys that are too dirty. Worse, your mouth could become infected by a dirty or worn mouthpiece. This is something that no self-respecting flutist would wish to happen. Here’s […]