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Welcome to M and E Flutes

Rosewood flute


  • All flutes machined from solid rod stock.
  • Five sections plus tuning slide.
  • Conical bore on last three sections.
  • Flutes in key of D, Eb, and F.
  • Wood and keyed flutes also available.

We are known as M and E Michael and Evelyn Cronnolly, we make flutes that are well known all over the world and are well talked about on all wooden flute sites and any M and E flute that comes on eBay is always bought. Anyone who buys one of my flutes providing they can play and is not happy with it can send it back and there money will be returned, but I have yet to get a flute back as my flutes are bought by one recommending them to another.

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Our standard instrument is the keyless Irish flute in the key of D, machined from black polymer rod stock. We do have several variations. We usually keep a few keyless polymer D flutes available for order. Other variations are typically made to order. See our order form for prices and other ordering information. Contact Michael directly when ordering wood or keyed flutes.

Our flutes have a tough, corrosion resistant, brass tuning slide between the head and barrel. The tuning slide tubes run inside the entire length of both the head and barrel sections. This construction yields a very strong, smooth operating tuning mechanism.

All of our flutes are conical bore instruments (vs. cylindrical bore), making our flutes very strong in the lower ranges. The end cap is removable, allowing the cork in the head section to be adjusted to give excellent tuning and strength across the entire range of the instrument. The polymers used in M and E flutes do not swell, shrink, or warp with time or moisture. So, the socket-and-tenon joints between the flute sections do not require cork, twine, or any other sealers to keep the joints firm and air-tight.

Key of Eb and F Flutes

We also make flutes in the keys of Eb and F. These flutes have the same structure as the D flutes, except that the right hand section and foot section are combined into one section (total of 5 sections). These flutes also have tuning slides. Although not in the "standard" key of D (for traditional Irish music), these flutes are lighter and have smaller finger spacings than their larger cousin. Some flute players may also prefer these keys for certain tunes.

Keyed Flutes

Keys are recommended for advanced players only. If you purchase a keyless flute, we no longer retro-fit keys onto keyless flutes.Experience has shown that keyed flutes are very problematic for new Irish flute players.

Thank you very much for your consideration in this matter. We work hard to make sure our are flute players can strongly recommend our instruments to other players. We believe that you will thank us in the long run for this policy.

Wood Flutes

Keyless rosewood flutes in the key of D are available. These flutes are not recommended for players that live in highly variable climates (large temperature and humidity variations) and for players that do not have experience caring for wooden instruments.


Soft cases are ideal for keyless flutes. Sewn by Evelyn Cronnolly especially for M and E Flutes, these water-resistant cases have pockets to separate the sections of your disassembled flute. Flap folds over open end and seals with a velcro strip.

To see and listen to the sound of some of my flutes start YouTube below.
YouTube Video, Our Flute's "sound bites"