What We Do

Knockmullen View in County Mayo is home to Michael Cronnolly. Michael built his very first flute as a young player from an oak wheel. (The Spoke”, locally known as, is on display in the Michael Coleman Irish Music Center at Gorteen, Mayo). Cronnolly’s designs and processes have evolved over the last thirty years to create traditional Irish style instruments using durable polymer material. Cronnolly has continued to experiment with new materials and designs in order to create rugged flutes with a great sound at an affordable price.

Our Flutes

M and E Flute’s specialty is keyless Irish Flutes in the key or D, which is standard for traditional Irish Music. Our D-flutes are modeled on the classic Rudall and Rose style traditional Irish flute. Michael also makes flutes with keys F and Eb. He can also provide keys to the standard D Flute. We have a number of polymer keyless flutes in stock and can ship them as soon your order is received. Other versions will be built to your specifications – please contact Michael directly regarding delivery times. Michael Cronnolly is available by phone or by email to answer any questions you may have about our keyless Flutes. Our Products page contains a comprehensive description of every instrument. For keyed Flutes, see the note below.


Our Materials

Irish flutes, for example, are made of African blackwood. All woods will eventually warp and crack. The polymers Cronnolly employs are almost indestructible and can withstand extreme temperatures and humidity. They also produce flutes that last for a lifetime and require little maintenance. Polymers’ inherent uniformity, dimensional stability and strength make them a durable material that performs consistently and stays in tune regardless of the playing conditions. Polymers cost less and are easier to machine than hardwoods. Therefore, our polymer-made flutes can be priced more affordably.


Michael makes wood flutes. These instruments are only for players with experience in wood flute care or who live in an area of relatively stable weather. Please contact Michael to determine which wood types are available when you place your order.


Our Processes

M andE polymer flutes are machined from solid rod stock. Our polymer flutes are made with the same tools and methods as our wood flutes.


Our Customers

M and F polymer flutes are ideal for students, beginners and younger players. Durability, consistency, excellent sound, and range of these polymer flutes ensure that the student’s progression is not limited by a “beginner instrument” that is inferior. These features eliminates the need for students to upgrade their flutes as they improve.


M and E Polymer Flutes are excellent choices for advanced players and professionals. The affordable price allows players to add a durable workhorse to their prized prize flute. Our flute’s lowest tones are especially popular with advanced players.